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Founder Chip Giordano has experience with over 400 aircraft demolitions and pioneered the "Green Pad" recycling concept of clean aircraft demoliton and aircraft recycling services.

Aircraft Demolion Airplane RecyclingAircraft Demolition Project Success Built On:

  • Process Organization
  • ­Experienced Aircraft Removal Staff
  • Conformance to high level EPA standards
  • Understanding Airport Expectations
  • Cleanliness and Green Recycling

Aircraft Demolition & Recycling will remain the leading aircraft removal company by providing its customers with the highest level of professionalism and predictability. We will establish long lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations while maintaining competetive pricing. We will continue to improve our aircraft demolition processes to keep pace with ever-­changing environmental requirements.

Industrial activities that affect the environment are coming under increasingly tough scruntiny. We have developed our aircraft demolition processes with a focus on not only complying with regulations but on the preservation of the environment itself. A good illustration of our commitment to environmental preservation is found in the development of our GreenPad Recycling site.

Aircraft Demolition Services Airplane Removal Services